Suitability /Nopa

Hello, im currently working with tsa i was hoping to transfer to ice with a tenative offer. I recieved a letter from ice about my suitability before the shutdown, stating I was currently looking unfavorable for suitability for misconduct 12 years ago. I was told I could reply to the NOPA (notice of proposed action) and that there will be a board hearing to discuss my suitability.

Can anyone tell me any information about the board hearing? Is it a panel? How long it could take? What is all reviewed?

My other question is how did i get into one agency with the same background investigation (public trust) and not this one? Will i have this same problem applying elsewhere?

Suitability has nothing to do with your background investigation and public trust.

Each agency sets their own suitability guidelines mostly, I suspect, based on the assignment of the agency and what you are likely to run up against while working the job that you are applying for. The DEA isn’t going to want former drug users while the DOJ and DOD may be more accommodating.

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Can you give us more info on the misconduct 12 years prior? Something to scale for giving a better answer. I think honestly if you are going to the board, you are already denied. They are just making sure they dot the i’s and cross the T’s.