Supervisor Position Sensitivity

Is there a requirement for supervisors to have clearance eligibility equal to or higher than their employees?

So if an employee’s position sensitivity is Critical Sensitive (which requires a T5), does the supervisor also need to be at least CS thus requiring a T5?

In general terms, this is the case but each Position Description is rated independently and then assigned a level of investigation. However, the majority of the times they are the same sensitivity level.

Position designations are made up of two parts: risk and sensitivity. Supervisors do not need to have the same sensitivity (clearance) level as their employees, but do need to have the same or higher risk level.

Marko or FedPerSec,

Do either of you know where I can find this in writing? I’ve searched numerous manuals, instructions, guides, regs, etc. to no avail. I know that I’ve seen this in writing before, but now I cannot find it.

Thanks for your help.

The managers job is to make sure the work is done correctly, not necessarily do it or be able to do it.

It’s possible a contractor manager would just interface with the client to make sure everything is good and only get involved when its not.

I know managers with Secret that supervise TS employees

Most of my supervisors in the military (21 years) did not have my clearance level. The job position and need drive the clearance level.