Taking time off for processing

What do people usually do if they need to take time off for processing?
Say you need to get a job and start a contractor job then within a few months you get notified you need to come in for processing (for a federal job), what do people usually do? Do you let your boss know you just need a few days off? Do you tell them you are processing? Could you get laid off from the contractor job because you’re processing?


Telling your boss you are processing for a new job is tricky. But if the job requires a clearance, they will want to interview your current supervisor, so that bridge will need to be crossed at some point.

A few days for processing? You mean a day here and a day there? You don’t want to say you’re taking sick leave… unless you have one of these “paid time off” arrangements, in which case you “should” be able to take time off to take care of some “personal business.”


Do they interview the current boss even if the BI is already in scope, and the clearance is already active? (Going from contractor to fed in this case).
By a few days, I meant the 2-3 days needed for part of the processing.


I cannot say for sure but you should prepare for the boss to be interviewed.

Any investigators want to chime in?


Thanks for your input, @sbusquirrel !

@backgdinvestigator @amberbunny , any thoughts on this ?

As someone who just went through this, my boss was interviewed. I was outside two years though since my last investigation. If you’re worried about your boss finding out, I just told him I was up for reinvestigation. On the contract, security manages when employees need reinvestigations, not my immediate supervisor. He would not know if the interview was for a new gig or a reinvestigation.

@Justwaiting4it So if you were in processing with a federal agency, and a contractor opportunity is available for you., would you let them know upfront that you are processing with a federal place? Would that mean that the contractor might decide not to employ you or keep you… or are they used to these situations?

Thanks for the input! Appreciate it

If you submit an SF86 or Equip you free their hands to contact anyone listed or developed. It can put you in a pickle. I would simply tell the boss you have clearance eligibility and it is an update. They may get suspicious and fire you though if in a right to work state.