THC Positive Urinalysis During TS Application Process

I had to apply for Top Secret clearance for a new job in the military. I was honest and truthful about my foreign contacts and history on the background portion - specifically the part where I said I hadn’t smoked marijuana since before I joined the military (>5 years ago). They interviewed all my friends/family and my packet was sent up for adjudication around October. Shortly after, I tested positive for THC during a urinalysis. I haven’t smoked weed in over 5 years. Either my food got laced with something or it was a false positive from one of my meds. My leadership believes me, thinks I will win my case and retain me. However, my clearance application is still in limbo. Last I heard my clearance “flagged” and they haven’t received any news. Does anyone smarter than me know the likely outcome of this story? Will I get denied and told to reapply in a year? If that does happen will the reapplication be a waste of time? If I don’t get the clearance then I’m in violation of my contract and will be kicked back to my old job, and if that’s going to happen I need time to consider my options. Any and all advise is greatly appreciated.