Third-party Records?

My investigation was opened in Aug, and denied Interim in Sep 2017. have had my subject interview back in Oct/Nov 2017, and my contacts were interviewed at about a week or two later. Field work wrapped up and all submitted at the first part of Dec 2017 according the my investigator. Feb 2018, I’ve reached out to congressman office to help to follow up on the status. The office rep kindly told me of what the OPM informed them that field work investigation is done but they still waiting for ‘third-party records’. They did try to ask what type of ‘third-party records’, but their OPM contact wasn’t able to tell or know what type of ‘third-party records’ they wait for. Now I’m in the unknown territory waiting to have investigation closed and sent to next stage. Any thoughts or insights?

Perhaps credit or collections issues?

Transcripts or Employment records typically. Anything that you can’t personally hand to the investigator hence third party.

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Credit is never an issue in my record, and I have no debt… :slight_smile:

:-S … I hope it wasn’t one of the university that I attended and now is merged with a different university, and the university systems consolidated their administration dept. I independently request my W2s, and they could only produce 1 of 3 years instantly, and had to have IT ticket to find the other 2 of 3 in weeks later.

Ain’t this should have been popping-up in the investigator’s list to check … ie. discrepancies list … when he/she schedule and have the interview with the subject?

Remember you can always try another political leader. You do have your congress person or TWO senators. I tried to reach out to my congressman and things didn’t work out. I tried one of my senators and things went better.

Honestly you are jumping the gun. Six to 8 months is the norm. After that you can bring in the artillery. Nothing unusual about the wait from interview till final. Third party records can be from any aspect of your SF86 or Equip: jobs, residences, verifiers, character refe, etc.

One thing it could be is the results of national agency checks where they review criminal records and stuff. Used to be that stuff went really fast and was completed the first week or two, but now it is horribly backed up like anything else.

They could have sent out inquiries to other agencies for additional information, and this is not at all uncommon. My concern about this is that the other agency is swamped with their own workload and who knows what kind of priority they give to responding to such requests.

If the investigation was wrapped up in December 2017 the post-investigation phase has barely started. Realistically speaking it could be several more months before you hear anything, and that would still be faster than most recent cases. Things are starting to speed up it seems but it sounds like there was something they wanted to take a closer look at (I say that because you didn’t get the interim) so yours is not going to be one of those blazing fast under-six-months wonders.

Thanks for the advice. I will put some thoughts on it, since I’m worry ‘double’ contacting would cause a negative impact to my case. We actually have 4 senators :slight_smile: now since my spouse has already gone ahead to pick up her undeniable job offer in the move-to state already while I’m trying to hang in here waiting and waiting.

If X senator is a Republican or Democrat I would say I am a registered Republican…Sometimes having the senators know you are a potential voter helps out a lot. I am at day 342! I contacted my senator in November, heard back in December, OPM investigator contacted me in December and had to transfer me to my home state, contacted again in January and had my interview. OPM told my senator by a letter they would expedite the remaining of my clearance. Once you go to Adjudication I hear is another mess.

Do you know how long adjudication is taking? I hear its pretty bad!

It is hard to say. I heard that some initial secret clearances are going through in under six months now. Others are still taking a long time. I have decided to stop talking about “adjudication” and instead refer to “post-investigation” since we have so little insight into what is going on during this phase of the process.

Just keep in mind as you look through these forums, you’re probably more likely to hear from the folks who are waiting a long time. The folks who clear quickly don’t have to worry about it anymore. So you get a bit of a skewed sample.

What about initial TS/SCI? Seems like this backlog is going to really hurt national defense if something is not done!.

If Jared Kushner is still waiting for his clearance, our wait might be longer than his. :smile:

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…But than again we didn’t conveniently forget to list over 100 foreign associates. He had to redo his SF86 3 times. Personally, I think he should be denied his final.

Haha, he will get his clearance, no doubt in my mind.

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We will see. I am looking forward to see the outcome.

During the Clinton administration, many working in the White House didn’t even bother to apply for clearances. Kushner doesn’t really need one since his father can deem pretty much any information releasable to him.

It’s really a non-story.

The guy has “filed 3 updates” to his sf-86… you, I, and 99% of the rest of the country can’t do that - but he can. My point is, like it or not, he is “special”, the presidents son-in-law, and very rich; therefore, he can lie his butt off on that form and still have access to classified material. Welcome to the U.S.A!!

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Intentionally lying on a government form isn’t a non-story, in my opinion. In fact, it degrades the very integrity this country should be founded upon. Especially when done so by a political appointee and relative of the President…