Third-party Records?

You are 100% right. I just wonder why he has not received his full adjudication yet.

He will be favorably adjudicated at some point. Until then he will work on an interim

Yes . . . Let a U.S. president be prevented from having those who he wants to advise him. Maybe all of the White House staff should wait in line for adjudication with everyone else. Maybe Kushner should call his congressman’s office.

He’s not treated differently because he is the president’s son-in-law. Or because he is rich. He is treated differently because he is White House staff and a political appointee. An advisor to the Commander-in-Chief.

Just like all of the appointees in previous administrations.

So, you’d be ok with Kim Jong Un advising a sitting U.S. President? @EdFarmerIII, your message appears to undermine the entire clearance process and what it’s in place for as it relates to employees in the west wing.

Political appointees, like Jared Kushner, fill out the SF-86 and go through a background check to avoid exactly what you are suggesting- that a president be able to pick whomever he/she wants as an advisor/government employee. Sorry @EdFarmerIII this country remains a democracy…

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If we elected a president that wanted Kim Jong Un as an advisor, then yes. I suppose we get what we deserve.

As I pointed out . . . There have been MANY in the past who never even applied. You don’t have to like it for it to be the way it works.

@EdFarmerIII, the only point I was trying to make when I stated that Kush filled out the 86 three times is, just that… And that 99% (the rest of us) do not get awarded the same opportunity… I never mentioned anything about who the president should or should not pick as an advisor, I could care less to be honest with you…Nor do I care what past administrations do or do not do

And no - that’s not how it works. The BI process for the west wing exists to keep certain folks out, regardless of their relationship with the President. If anyone, as you say, can be an advisor in the west wing, then why are the tax payers paying the FBI to investigate west wing employees? @EdFarmerIII

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I was wondering why there were so many unread messages in this thread :open_mouth:

Dave . . . In this thread and several others, it appears that you are simply itching for a fight . . .

That’s not why I’m here. So, from here on, I will simply ignore your comments. You can extend me the same curtesy, or not, as you see fit.

@EdFarmerIII - So when you’re wrong - I’m trying to start a ‘fight’. How convenient. You know, look back at some of the threads that you and I have posted on - we’ve agreed on a lot of things before… don’t take this so personal - it’s not.

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