Timeline 2023 Thread

I think it partially depends on geo location. I am in an area that is short of investigators and last week I had to set two new SD’s as the subject interviews were more than six months from the original SD— I don’t think I’ve had to do that since CE really took off in 2019 or so.

My eQIP was submitted in October :sob:

One of the elephants in the room for many of the Tier one through three investigation types is the inquiry sent to employers, schools, various verifiers and such. An interview with an investigator does not speed up the mailed inquiries.

Your case may not “close” and be sent to the adjudicator until all of the inquiries were returned or until the required waiting period is complete (which is about four months).

Unfortunately, not every Subject takes the time to ensure the business address provided is the employment record location (poor SF86 wording) or don’t list the actual mailing address for the their current/former supervisors, residence verifier, school registrar, etc. Undelieverable inquires (i.e. sent back as not at this location) delay your investigation. Vague issues reported by your employer, school, or verifiers delay your case (these involve investigators). Unlisted but developed employments, residences, and education delays your case timeline.

A congress critter can not speed up a process that has set waiting periods for responses from non federal entities.


Wouldn’t all the addresses be double checked online for universities and businesses before mailing anything out? Or is what’s on the SF86 what has to be followed?

Can the investigators access previous OPM investigation profiles?

Ok see now this makes a ton more sense then what I’ve been getting from various other sources (security rep and DCSA applicant knowledge center included). I did have a couple jobs that either completely closed from several years ago and I didn’t have the former supervisors personal or updated address or phone number or the former supervisor has since passed away. There is no way to mark either in the SF86 that the business is closed or the supervisor has passed away. So there is no way to bypass those.

No, what you put down is where the inquiry/agent go. A computer sends everything out initially, for all case types. Even when you list that you live in Los Angeles but work in Washington DC (this is common). Your Subject interview is scheduled to your most recent employment - that you listed, as in the first entry. Just an example.

Only if we specifically ask to do so. We have security “clerks” that go through your previous investigations. Still, they do not correct your errors because you signed the SF86/eQip that all information is accurate and true to your belief.

You can list another manager or a coworker if your previous supervisor is deceased (note this in the comments section for that entry) or annotated the business is closed in the address and comments section.

Yea I had done that and even mentioned it in my interview. But that was a month after all the inquiries had been sent out. Since you said it’s an automatic computer process anyway, I doubt the comments saying my former supervisor is deceased or a business is closed would have any effect anyway. But I do appreciate the info. I hit 130 days since my investigation started today so we’ll see what happens in the near future.

The comments become important when a human finally becomes involved with the process. Then the comments become a huge factor.

I’m approaching 100 days. Submitted in November.
Continuing to (im)patiently wait…

Submitted SF86 on CESP portal/NSA Feb 27 2023.
Army veteran, hold an active secret clearance. Not sure if my previous files will be reused.

March 25, 2022: Submitted SF86
August 2022- October 2022 : Subject Interview with Investigator multiple times throughout this time window over the phone.
Still waiting… Eligibility pending.
I am a naturalized US citizen.

is it on the secret level? Do you have foreign contacts?

Yes, it is on secret level and yes, I have my mother and two brothers who are my foreign contacts.

What about poly and psych?

My eqip was submitted in July! And I already have an active secret clearance from DOD but DHS does their own thing??

No poly and psych. It is for DoD secret, without any poly or anything. I have my aging mother and two younger brothers who are foreign contacts who has no ties to any government or military. I talk with my mother as a normal human being would to their mother when they are aging and I try to take care of her as much as I can. And My investigator’s opinion (I know opinion as he/she doesn’t make adjudication) was that there wasn’t anything on my background that should prevent me from being cleared. Still, after almost 1 year, all i get from my FSO is my eligibility is pending.

Did you approach congresssmen since it’s taking a long time?