Timeline for renewal

I received an Equip questionnaire to fill out when I got to my new duty station two weeks ago. I was then informed that the system crashed and I could not fill out the form yet. I had already pulled my credit to fill out the questionnaire and found two things I want to dispute and handle. I am due for renewal August 2019. Do I have time to dispute the information before I submit the questionnaire? I see most comments say to handle any issues before submitting the SF86. Thanks for your help.

Start the dispute right away. It is normal (even accepted) that you found out about the credit issues while researching information for your security questionnaire. Get your correspondence in writing (emails or letters) and keep these as your mitigating factors if the debts float up during your investigation.

Thank you. Everythiing is paid but it is how they are reporting late payments. But the accounts are paid in full now. I got behind a payment or two but basically even though I was making payments it was still behind and reported late. The account is paid in full however. But from my understanding they told me that the payments would’ve went on the end of the loan. Thanks for your response.

The accounts are now closed and paid in full. I got behind a payment or two but was told the payments would go on the end of the loan. They instead kept reporting it as late payments even though I never stopped paying on the loan. Thanks for your help.