Timeline post-SOR meeting

Had a SOR meeting with the Chantilly customer about three weeks ago. BI took over three years, went through four different adjudicators (one died in the meantime), Covid and whatever else popped up.

When it came down to it, the customer was literally missing documents and info that I had turned in 2-4 times, depending on the document. So much stuff they claimed to not have, I knew I had submitted. I had screen shots from my PSO and fax receipts from two different adjudicators. Regardless, I brought it all (and then some) to my SOR meeting. I even gave them additional stuff they requested on the same day of the meeting. As a result, the meeting itself went well LOL!

What is the typical timeline on a decision, post-meeting? Ironically, I still possess a DoD SCI and am in CE. They have the same information and my latest PR adjudicated successfully this past January. I was enrolled in CE in March.

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I “liked” your post but it really should have been a :face_with_raised_eyebrow: or :roll_eyes:

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Because of which part… ?

Because you had provided all this information and they completely lost it. Good thing you kept good records of everything you sent them… let that be a lesson to us all.


I’ll tell you what… doesn’t exactly make me feel warm and cozy that their security folks can’t even keep track of one contractor, much less anything more important.

I’ve learned the hard way from experience. Keep EVERYTHING that could be pertinent to your life story. If you don’t have something, make sure you know where you can get it. If you think something is important, chances are it is.