Timeline - Tier 5 PR - Unadjudicated Information


So… In early 2020 I received a request to submit for my reinvestigation.
Submitted: Aug 2020
BI Date: 1/28/2021
Polygraph: May 2021

  • Still Waiting

I tried to cross over to a new contract & was denied due to Unadjudicated Information. I was told I did pass my poly, but there are some issues they need to clear up regarding my ex. We had some domestic issues & police calls were made. It was a very toxic relationship & We’ve since separated, but I am assuming my PR received police reports. I’ve never committed any crime, never been arrested, never been detained! I still have my clearance & my job… but I am unable to leave my current role until its adjudicated and my current contract could be ending soon.
I am kind of freaking out. - anyone have an idea on timing? I’m just waiting on them to contact me for an interview to see what information they are waiting on - but… Is this wait normal?