Title IX violation

Hi everyone,

I was recently notified of a Title IX violation being filed against me for sexual assault at my college. It hasn’t gone to a hearing yet, though I am almost certain that I am guilty. Sparing intimate details, the accusation involves non-consensual touching over clothes with no intercourse. I am 19 and the complainant was 17 at the time (the age of consent where I live is 17). These things happened about a month ago over the course of a week before the they decided to separate. They say they felt pressured into doing things they were uncomfortable with.

My security clearance process begins early next year for an opportunity that would greatly advance my career. Needless to say, I’m concerned. I recognize what I did as deplorable and deeply regret my actions. It was a horrible lapse of judgement, and I’m just not sure I can do much to mitigate it. I was thinking of presenting my age and strong academic record/lack of prior conduct of this nature. I am also probably going to seek counseling. However, given the recency of the incident, I’m not sure these factors will convince an investigator that the incident is not indicative of my overall character.

Any advice on the matter? Is it even worth it to continue the process, or should I look for an opportunity that doesn’t require a clearance?


100% DO NOT LIE OR EVEN ATTEMPT TO MISREPRESENT THE SITUATION. That would be the worst possible thing to do. No one but the actual adjudicator can say for certain anything but issues of a sexual nature are significant issues and being so recent is definitely not in your favor. As an investigator, based on my personal knowledge of the process, which you can accept or discard, I would personally wait and put time between the incident and the investigation to attempt to mitigate as best as possible and try to keep from having the clearance officially denied. Just my opinion.