The story will be hard to believe but it is true. I had to be transferred to a shore duty command.
I couldn’t PT with my issue. The problem is you look at me you couldn’t tell. I was finishing a year and a half long divorce at the same time. Two years of separation prior to that also. yes, I was legally separated.
The command knew about my problems. They still pressed the P/T. I couldn’t so they gave me an adverse remark on the next FITREP. Even though I had notes from the doctor and submitted to P/T coordinator. So things continued to spiral downwards I got help. I also had met someone six months before I went to the shore command. She was not from the United States. We decided to get married. I notified the command, personnel and everyone I was supposed to. She was even on my emergency forms. I had also signed a form when I entered the command I would no longer be handling any classified material.
So it was about 7 months before I was supposed to get out of the military. The command decided for some odd reason they were going to pursue the marriage. I had played by the rules. So they had me go to NCIS. I talked with them and they asked questions and nothing out of the ordinary. They were not kind for someone that didn’t commit any crimes.
When I came back I was told I was going to Court Martial. They were charging me with not notifying the chain of command on my marriage. I had the paperwork to prove. The only thing that was on the table was a bust in rank. I wasn’t busted in rank. I received an Honorable discharge. The only reason I couldn’t reenlist was that I retired from the military. RE-2 NBD.
I forgot to mention the NCIS went through my room and car. They found nothing of any significance. So after the court-martial. I went back to NCIS to get my effects. They said they thought it was only for the command to find out about me. They didn’t think it was going to a court-martial. I didn’t think anything about the statement. So I got out and went into the civilian sector.
A year ago I decided to come back to the military for contractor work. So I filled out my SF-86. I talked about the incident. I didn’t honestly remember any details of the conversation until the second interview.
The interviewer brought it up and talked about things that I had given my wife as gifts. They were nothing yet they painted it like I had done something nefarious. I also found out the command had taken my clearance. I never signed any paperwork at the time. They never let it go through the proper process to remove the incident report. There is nothing about this in my official service record and no records of the court-martial in the region. Like I said I didn’t get busted and that was the only thing on the table. I was found not guilty.
So my question is I put this on my SF-86. If I am titled but there are no records where does this fall? Against or for me. Will the record get wiped out or what will they put?
The incident was over seven years ago. I was also divorced well before I got married. The country is friendly.

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The story will be hard to believe but it is true.

Tron, what is the question for us?

I put the incidents on my SF-86. So that is not the issue.
The back story again like I mentioned above. Is the command pushed me to NCIS and the investigators there said they did it because the command wanted to know more about me. I was never guarded and answered all questions. After the fact found out a Senior person recommended them to use this resource. They didn’t title me at that point. I went back to get some of my paperwork from NCIS and they told me to come back in two days. I went back and they said at that point again the didn’t realize I would be court-martialled. So after I was found not guilty, yet they titled me in the system. Yes, you read it right found not guilty. At that point, I should never have been entered into NCIC. NCIS doesn’t pull security clearances. I was never notified by the security manager my clearance was pulled.

Investigators pulled my military records or files and nothing is in my record about the event. They even see the emergency contact forms and who gets my insurance if I pass. Her name was all over it and the command representative signed it. The only thing hanging was an incident report. The Region the court-martial occurred has no records of it. The question is actually in this case what happens?

So there were no incidents that led up to this investigation aside from your marriage to a FN?

Like I said it is hard to believe. Seven plus years later I can’t wrap head around it. I mispoke they filed an incident report they didn’t revoke my clearance. When they file the incident report you sign paperwork in the military. You are supposed to be able to rebut the incident report.

When I went to the court-martial. I had a military attorney. The only thing that was discussed was the FN. Like again I said I reported to the command and every entity required about FN. I reported on SF-86 but there are zero records. The only thing they have is where NCIS titled me according to investigators. Where does this fall out? Since it is my word against zero military records except for being titled that shows up in NCIC. I was titled after being found not guilty.

How do you know that your clearance was “pulled”? You have been out of cleared work for seven years? You wouldn’t have a clearance now in any case.

Your case sounds complex. You need to deal with the government challenge to you marriage, your court martial, the NCIS investigation, your discharge and the time that has passed. You need to get accurate information from the Navy as to what their records indicate happened (for now, you need to be concerned with what THEY think happened not what you think happened, that will come later).

The best advice anyone here is likely to be able to give you is to consult with a qualified clearance lawyer. Many are ex-JAG and can navigate this stuff much easier than you and I. I doubt that you are going to make this happen on your own or with our help but we are all here willing to listen and learn along with you.

I know the clearance is archived. An investigator talked about a report in the NCIC. I told them exactly what happened on the intial SF-86. I didn’t remeber details. So I did my part.

The service records don’t marry what is in the report. Also I went to the Region it occured and there is no record of the court martial. I have an honorable discharge.

I will get ready to get a lawyer.

 None. The physical training was the only issue.

My father was even drawn into the command because of the problem. They asked him if I have my health issue. They also tried to talk to my doctor. He turned them away and told them it was none of their business. They then brought me to NCIS.
NCIS investigated me. They searched my room. There was nothing in my room. I know this because nothing was sent to Summary Court-martial. The only thing on the table was to take away my military rank to the next lowest grade because of foreign contact. The lone officer in the room decided against it.
I went home relieved and went back to my life. I sat down with my boss. They sat down with me and said they disagreed with the outcome of the Court Martial. Fast-forward to the interview for a new clearance seven years later. Here is what was said, they talked about a computer and money I sent to her. It was an older computer I was using for school. Short I know what is in my record.
The problem is there like I said before none of this in my Service Record. The place that the Court Martial occurred doesn’t even have a record of it. Yet it is in a NAC.