Transfer for DoS Interim SECRET to DoS contractor (JPAS)?

I have heard many different answers on this so hoping people here can provide clearer info.

Looking at a candidate with an interim SECRET clearance from DoS (received via an internship in '18) for a DoS contractor job. Interim SECRET is in DoS direct hire system from internship. Clearance for contractor job needs to be in JPAS.

1) Is it possible to submit an RRU for a DoS INTERIM SECRET clearance into JPAS? Received conflicting guidance. Some have said it is possible to transfer an interim. Others have said it is not possible to transfer an interim (and bc it was an interim awarded for the internship). The investigation is not ongoing as the internship is done. We have hired a candidate before with an interim SECRET already in JPAS so was not sure if the issue that this individual is in the DoS system rather than JPAS already.

  1. If possible, what is the timeline for an RRU to be processed? I heard 30-90 days, but this was not from anyone with DoDCAF.

  2. If not possible, does this mean that the individual will have to start the clearance process from scratch with DoDCAF? And how long would this take for an interim and full adjudication?