Trying this a different way.

I. n 2012 I had ian nteraction with NCIS. The command initiated after I a mental health issue.
The interview we discussed multiple things. It included interaction with my wife in Peru. They asked what I had given her. I said a computer that I bought in Japan. Thought nothing of it. I went on to retire in 2013. When I got out I went to school. I stayed out in the civilian sector for five years. I got a call by a company because someone knew me.
I filled out the SF-86. I did two interviews. The first no issues. The second they started talking about a government computer and a me gaining access to someone else’s account by a phone call to a bank.
The interviewer told me they have proof of both. I said it never occured and quite honestly you dont remember something that didnt happen. . The both would have been a bad conduct discharge and time.
I retired Honorably and have my retirement and disability pay. When do I get a chance to reclama untruths? Adjudicator more interested in mental health than these issues??? They waited about four months for my mental health professional to return a mental health questioner.

I believe that you posted about the computer issue a while back. What’s the new part today? Is it just that you are still in adjudication?

Your adjudicator will give a pass/fail decision. Obviously, if they take everything into account and decide in your favor, there’s nothing for you to do except start your job. If they decide against you, you will receive a letter explaining their reasoning and your options for appeal. Until then, there is little that you can do except gather as much documentation as you can about the issues and be prepared to present then on appeal.