Trying to help the government help me


I am managing a real estate project with GSA leases that requires cleared custodial and maintenance workers because of the agencies operating there. There was a recent change in ownership and with that went the clearance holders. We have been trying for months to get the workers clearances conveyed but no one on the government side knows how to get it done, We are hung up on two issues: A vendor code and Istars. Can anyone tell me who manages the vendor code database related to clearances and also, how does one register with IStars (if that is even the proper route follow.)?

Any help would be appreciated.

I would start with your GSA POC.

Thanks. I suppose I should have included that the POC and the LCO have been involved and do not know what to do. The separate agency reps also do not know. The basics have been exhausted and it really has boiled down to elusive contract vendor codes and IStars.

You can’t even get to the gate without a government agency sponsoring you. Whom ever issued the contract is the agency that needs help you. If this is a subcontract, the prime contractor needs to add your personnel to their program which is already established with the sponsoring agency.