Trying to obtain public trust gov

Im trying to get my public trust back in 2015 I was convicted with a summary charge with the assumption I stole something out of Walmart it was a group of individuals and it was very false. I went to court and I was not charged with anything. Will this stop me from getting a public trust?

Charges come before a conviction. If you were convicted, then you were charged…

Did you sue Walmart over the false allegations? I would.

Nope I was young like a freshman in college I was so nervous I took it to court Immediately because of course I google things multiple times and didn’t want my job to be in jeopardy because at the time I already had a government job , they just asked me for a explanation of what happen and I told them and it was cool but this is a higher public trust I’m not sure what’s going to happen I’m playing the wait game

I think that @Co0311 is saying that in the United States you must be charged with a crime before you can be convicted. Being charged, you are innocent, just accused of a crime. Being convicted means you were found guilty by the court.

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I think the terminology is a bit messed up, if we follow the sequence of events… perhaps the individual was initially charged with something, went to court, and the charges were dismissed.

If that is what happened, then the charges would still need to be listed. In the explanation they could note that the charges were dismissed.

I think that this would not stop somebody from getting a public trust but you’d have to list all the dates and details and location etc etc etc.

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Concur Squirrel. Plus, 5 years gives good distance between you and the event. If you completed college, another mitigation, if you quit associating with the actual thief, if there was one, even better. Though you still need list on clearance and likely trust checks, I would pay a lawyer to expunge or show a finding of “determined not involved or innocent.” Just peace of mind, something to show you wanted a stronger legal statement you were not part of a bad thing. I think you will be fine.