TS and TS/sci CI ajudication with recent drug use under section H for inhalant

Long time federal contractor.
Received my first S is 2006 with a TS issued in 2011.
Since 2006 I’ve identified 5 instances where I had taken unprescribed medication to mitigate personal migraines. I had outlined this in my 85/86 and all the way through my TS never had an issue. I identified it upfront and there had never been much issue because it was high infrequent use and the issue was to mitigate pain and not for personal pleasure.

During my CI poly the “testers” had mentioned a “word” while describing various drugs that was not in the SF86. “Sense of euphoria”, I had volunteered the information that I had been recreationally using a product called “poppers” an inhalant for several years roughly once every few months. First tried back in 2005 but had a large lapse of not using it till 2009.

when asked why I had not previously reported it I had identified that “poppers” were a legally purchased product and I had no knowledge that it was an illegal item. But I guess to my lack of knowledge what was in the product didn’t know it was on the list of NO NO things.
Obviously just had to claim ignorance and stupidity on this topic.

So I had provided the upfront information and verbally agreed not to use again. Drugs questions were not part of my poly but I had volunteered the information anyhow.
Additionally I had informed the “tester” I had just volunteered information about the use of prescription pills and identified that I had shown a consistent past to admit in the drug sections to previous instances. I had identified that if I knew it was a bad drug I wouldn’t have used it, while additionally would have put it on the paperwork. But otherwise I have no other history of drug use.

Additional information was each instance of the use of poppers was at home and not in any public place or work and the girl living with me knew about it as well so there was no perception of being blackmailed or coerced for such information or use. The last time I identified use was just 3 weeks ago. So the time period was pretty short though infrequent.

So my question is what are the chances of a SOR being sent out? (Probably 75%+)
What are the chances of this information impacting my current TS, and chances of hurting my pending NSA TS/SCI CI?

I work in Business Development so my risk impact I would assume is low since I’m just visiting the ARC.

And in the mind set of being proactive should I procure a Security clearance lawyer to help out mitigating the situation as soon as possible?
Thank you.