TS reinvestigation is due but I'm now on an Unclassified contract

If I’m assigned to an Unclassified/Uncleared contract when my TS reinvestigation is due, will my FSO be able to initiate my reinvestigation?

Only if you are in a billet

Ish. If you are used at least part time in a posiiton (billet) exposing you to classified, you require being cleared. Just because you may occupy a different seat doesn’t mean the company changed your “billet.” They may wish to keep you ready for other jobs. There are paths around specifically sitting in a seat, they are used all the time for proper and improper purposes. Explain to the company how you bring value having clearance eligibility, and the timeline to clear. It is in their interest to have you cleared. So even if you periodically consult on cleared items…it can justify having you assigned a cleared billet…but not necessarily a daily seat with exposure to classified. If that makes sense.