TS Reinvestigation

I am going through a TS Reinvestigation now for 4 months or so. I have had to answer questions about late payments over the past 7 years and my paperwork was then submitted. How long from that point does it take and what do they actually do at that point with your information?

An investigator will discuss your financial issues with you. Hopefully you reported everything.

It can take years . . . I know of one current case where a PR is still ongoing from at least 2015.

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But, to be clear, those issues resulted in a delay in the PR, not a complete shutdown of your clearance, yes? Because I’m in a very similar situation, with some terrible black marks (related to periods of unemployment, medical bills etc) that I’ll have to explain as well. All of it is being mitigated, of course, but at face value, it looks really grim.

A delay? If by that you mean that the PR took several years while the employee kept working, yes.

In fact, this ordeal just ended since I posted that and the applicant retained their clearance.

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