TS to TS/SCI with arrest question

I applied for a new position that requires a TS/SCI, I currently hold a TS. I was reinvested in 2018. On my SF 86 form I disclosed that I had been arrested for DVD. I was taken to the MP station but never charged (no court). I told the story to the investigator and received an email not long after that everything was satisfactory and I still hold an active TS. My question is could I be denied a SCI for this?

When was this arrest? Was it prior to the 2018 investigation?

And what is DVD? I tried googling ā€˜DVD arrestā€™ and all I got was ads for Arrested Development DVDsā€¦


The arrest was 7 years ago.
Sorry that was meant to say DV (domestic violence)

So if you were favorably adjudicated for TS, I imagine you will probably be favorably adjudicated for the SCI as well, since it was previously disclosed. I wonder if they will want to re-do parts of the investigation, just to follow up. You will probably have to fill out a new SF-86, hopefully it remembers all your answers from last time.


Okay thank you. I believe they will have me submit the SF-86 again. I was thankfully told early on to keep a copy of all my answers because inconsistencies are not good. Thanks for answering my question.

Glad it was helpfulā€¦ but it is just my opinion. Letā€™s see if anyone else offers additional insights.

So guessing active duty Army, military system arrest. Those ā€œapprehensionsā€ (military equivalent of civilian arrest) are recorded and reported for Lautenberg purposes. Being apprehendedā€¦sends you to your commander and legal office for a determination of whether or not you are deemed guilty and administratively punished, Article 15 (Captainā€™s Madt Navy), or will you ho to a courtā€™s martial. That is like trialā€¦defense, prosecution, etc.

Did you get an article 15, reprimandā€¦counselingā€¦or did it go to a courtā€™s martial? Both require reporting on form. If 24 months passed, and you previously reported, and clearedā€¦I donā€™t see it as an item stopping SCI. If it was deemed an alcohol related incident and you received treatment or counseling, that too needs reported.

Amberbunny2, I was not active duty but my husband was. After the apprehension nothing ever came of it. It has been seven years since this occurred and I did report it when they did a re-investigation. I spoke with the investigator about it and they granted my TS. Since it has been investigated they granted my TS after this incident would it cause any issues with a SCI?

Technically, the SCI part is a higher standard on the TS. Meaning one can clear TS, but get denied a specific SCI. Iā€™ve seen it invoked when a cleared person was married to a cleared former Russian citizen. But not for a crime committed a long time ago. If previously disclosed and still in the 10 year look back, bring it forward, and supply any evidence you have.

Thank you Amberbunny2.

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