Two clearances off one T5 investigation

My T5 investigation was just completed for a job. The FSO told me that that investigation could be adjudicated on a separate clearance for a different job/ company, if I found something else in the meantime. Is this frequently done? I don’t want to waste anyone’s time by applying to jobs that require an adjudicated clearance. And I’m sure some recruiters will be curious as to why I’m applying to one of their openings when I’m processing for a different company.

Yes all the time. Eligibility for a security clearance comes from DoD CAF. They don’t need to adjudicate the same person more than once. Multiple agencies can establish an “owning” or “ servicing” relationship with you.


Recruiters should be all to familiar with the competition for cleared employees. Defense contractors with contracts to put “bodies with clearances in seats” only get paid when they have an employee body in that seat. Even if you only sit in their seat for a few months they get paid for having you there and are well aware you may be lured away to sit in higher paying seat.

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