Uncooperative Subjects


This is the story of my life.

I’ve have had some considerably difficult subjects in my time. I just match their difficulty by being really stern with them. They give me a hard time, I talk to the supervisor, the security manager or the commander.


It’s really the only way to go about it. Being in the northeast in a major metro area, people aren’t friendly. No one has time for your BS and they have an agenda to adhere to. Just need to reciprocate and escalate (professionally).


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Bending your integrity to reach a quota or other goal is exactly what you are trying to make certain that those you are investigating will not do!


It’s quite possible that these new applicants simply had no real idea as to just what the BI process entailed.

Way back, when I first started applying for IC jobs requiring TS clearances, I certainly had no idea what was involved in the application cycle. I just assumed that they would contact a few references and check police records, and maybe question the applicant about any travel to Communist countries (my experience dates back to the late Cold War period). I was certainly overwhelmed and flustered by the whole process, which has only multiplied in scope and length since those days, the end of the Cold War a decade later notwithstanding.

The same may well likely be true of first-time applicants today.


My best advice is to contact your senator or state rep to help move the process along. Prepare to wait and WAIT!


A security clearance to mow the lawn or make beds? lol
What is this world coming to? LOL


Truth. This operating location takes no chances hiring anyone with questionable behavior. And due to the large amount of classified…if some blows away or is left behind, they want to be certain people are cleared and trained on what to do with said info.


A guy told me he was working at Martin Marietta in Denver in the late 70s (first job out of college) when somebody came up to him and said, “Good news, your clearance came through.”

He said, “what’s a clearance?”

After thinking about it a bit, he vaguely recalled filling out some forms many, many months earlier but really did not know what they were.


You would be surprised what this world is coming too. I have a friend needed a TS/SCI and he is doing OSINT (UNCLASSIFIED) research.


Ironically, I was hired because I have integrity.
Irony upon irony, my integrity will be what gets me fired. I seriously love the work. … so what now?:slightly_frowning_face:


How will integrity get you fired?


I like uncooperative Subjects. Just bounce them, not my problem. I’ve got more then enough work for the cooperative ones.


Agree with Fed Investigator… I will accept the excuse that some one is out of the area, not at work because of illness, FMLA, etc. or something that is beyond our control - but just being difficult - I report what was said and press on to the next case.


Yep, had a Subject just the other day that didn’t have time to meet with me.

Cool. Non-cooperation it is!

It’s like they think I am going to be the one answering to their employer or chain of command.



My old recruiter filled out my SF86. When I applied for another job that requiered a clearance I saw that I had one and it said “ Receuit is to report to Parris island “ I had no idea I had that!!


When my Investigator called me I immediately asked him to be scheduled the very next day. Took me 6 hours to complete but I hope it will go to adjudication soon.


Just bounced one for non-cooperation. Best part is I still get paid for the ESI since we partially completed it before subject became uncooperative.


You started the ESI and then Subject quit? Only had that once and it was a SPIN. Had the Subject dead to rights, they said they no longer wanted the job.


So, I am fairly new to this blog, in process of getting Secret Clearance for Position with contractor, I have a conditional offer, question for anyone that can help. What if current employer refuses to fill out the questionnaire (INV Form 41). President of the company (was not trilled about me potential leaving i guess) says he won’t fill out the papers until after I no longer work for him or his company.