Urgent Question

Hello everyone and thank you for reading this. I’m in big of a pickle and have received tons of conflicting info. I currently work as a federal contractor for the department of education which requires an 85-P, my eQIP was certified and fixed with the errors yesterday. Back in July I accepted a position with a DOD contractor and filled out an 86 for a TS, but I have a question.

Will me submitting my 85-p paperwork discontinue my TS investigation or cancel it? I called dcsa this morning and spoke to two different people, one telling me it would stop it, the other person I gave my ssn and she looked up my account. She said it would be fine and she saw this regularly and the investigations would run concurrently. lol, I also had a DCSA employee (I know personally) tell me the 85-p is for trust and is not a clearance, and would not effect my TS investigation. They also said this “ Being granted a lower level or having a lower level investigation happening will not shut down or cancel out any TS investigation“.

No. Many people have multiple investigations going on at once.


The investigation and the clearance are tied to the position, not the person.

The only one who can stop an investigation is the requesting authority. Turning in more paperwork does not automatically stop a current investigation. If a TS is still needed then the requesting authority would not discontinue.

DCSA will only allow one investigation per person at any time. The way it works is the higher investigation will be done and the Education Department will get a copy of the higher investigation when it is completed. The Education Department will be contacted and told there is a higher request and DCSA will cancel the lower investigation.