Use Top Secret if TS/SCI is terminated

Hi - can you work on a project which requires only Top Secret if your TS/SCI is terminated in scattered castle database. Is it all or nothing in terms of TS/SCI.

Also, What about secret clearance? Can we automatically get secret clearance if you had TS/SCI 1.5 years ago but terminated?

My first question is, why was it terminated? Was it just an admin debrief because you no longer needed access? If so, then yes, you should be eligible for access to TS and Secret.

But if it was terminated for some other reason, then you may have to wait for the whole thing to be investigated and adjudicated.

Removed from agency (due to password policy compliance issue) - Aug 2021
TS/SCI currently has unadjudicated information.

When queried in SC, it does show eligibility TS/SCI which looks positive .
Investigation SSBI- PR Date - May 2018.

Can I now work with other agency with TS or Secret?

That “unadjudicated information” is the thing I was describing in my previous post (but could not remember that term) which may lead to a new investigation and adjudication. But maybe not.

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