Using a 2013 Credit Report for Current Application


My husband has applied for several GD positions starting in 2013 and at that time they ran a credit report and the outcome was not favorable. Since then we have worked very hard and cleaned up the report and there are no negatives on his report and he has jumped over 150 points.
He has applied for a position the end of last year and they started the security process again… using the 2013 report. He is told “we will just use what we have.” Is that normal? Should they be using a new report? Can we “demand” they use a new report?

Thank you for any insight or assistance.

Using a credit report that is 4 years old for a new federal background investigation? No way! Not sure what type of position you are referring to or level of investigation required, but safe to say any employer cannot base the 2013 credit report to deny employment.

Concur Marko. The new credit scoring changes makes for a highly dynamic score. It rises and falls fast. I have seen a person file bankruptcy and 6 months later have a FICO of 685 which is in the good range. I think if they use what they have and see negative info they will conduct a fresh pull. Average is all it takes. 630 to 680 is average. Obviously you need a 650 or better to be in the fair to middling range. So if you are north of there I would not expect any issues.