Waiting periods outside DOD?

Hi everyone,

Wondering, is the State Dept (as kind of an intelligence agency) like other IC members where a denial means you will never get another shot (provided mitigation exists)? I know technically some three letters will let you re-apply after a waiting period but in practice you don’t really get considered. True here also? Does anyone know any official waiting period State has for civil service? I’ve seen that unfavorable suitability will bar you from foreign service for at least two years. Thanks!

The only agency I’ve heard rumors about having this kind of “blackball” policy is CIA. Anyway I just read an article today about a big hiring push for the Foreign Service:

The State Department is increasing its capacity to train members of the Foreign Service, and expanding the fields of expertise for its diplomatic corps, as the department embarks on its largest hiring of career diplomats in more than a decade.

State Dept rethinks training for Foreign Service at all levels amid hiring surge