What if I Fail Training

I am in the interview process for Perspecta (was Keypoint) for a BI job and I have a question about training and what happens if you fail.

The first two weeks of training is done at home. I was told that I will be studding and taking tests and if I don’t pass them with at least an 80% I will no longer be considered for the job.

I was also told that I will have to pay $8,000 if while my own background investigation is going on I decide I no long want to work for them, or if I quit the job before a year of employment.

I have two questions…if I fail the at-home tests phase and I am let go, will I really have to pay $8,000? This makes me very nervous.

My other question is; if I fail the at-home tests and I am let go, am I able to use my clearance that I gained form Perspecta if I apply to a job that requires one? Or, does Perspecta prevent that from happening and I would therefore have to have a background investigated done all over again?


You won’t fail. Trust me.

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I doubt that you will be charged if you fail out. Unless they suspect that you failed out on purpose because you no longer want the job.

You don’t get a clearance for most investigator positions, you only get the investigation. At least, this is what I have gleaned from reading this site.

For my part, I would never except a position that required me to repay a fee if I left before a certain time or decided that I didn’t want to work for the company. It doesn’t sound enforceable but it does sound cheesy.

You wont fail, unless you try to fail. Be sure and start out with the correct positive attitude. You will not have a clearance. You will have a suitable single scope background investigation. You will have gone through everything that is required to get a clearance.

Trust me, it would be suuuuper hard to fail. It’s designed for you to succeed. They throw a lot of information at you but for testing purposes you will have every single answer available to you at your fingertips. It’s all open note/book testing. They will even offer after hours group study sessions with an instructor (which you even get overtime for). I wouldn’t worry too much about failing, the training is mainly death by powerpoint and they dont expect you to write every single down. You will have access to every document you need to pass a test, so if you know how to use the ctrl + f search function you’re already going to pass. If for some reason you did fail the final exam in training, they do offer a retake.

Weren’t you with SCIS? Just curious, why the switch to Perspecta?