What is current adjudicative backlog?


I’ve been reading in numerous posts regarding adjudicative timelines about backlogs. Does anyone know what the current backlog is at the moment?


I believe it is just North of 300K. But that could be a total including those still be investigated.

And many of those are now the 130 plus page SF86. So processing ANY SF86 is now a very time consuming process. It was always slow. Now it will crawl. Think how fast you get behind if you have 10 SF86’s to review at 130 pages each. That is a lot of reading.

What’s the 130 page sf86? Is it the same as the old one?

Oh no. Old one (2008) was 17 pages, three signature pages. New one is 130 plus pages. It really is a printed version of Equip. Many pages you don’t use, but someone still needs print and read each page. In my current transition at least 10 to 15 per department require a fresh form. I think the newest form dates to 2016 and not all agencies were using them. But over time each one is transitioning. Sooner or later it becomes the only acceptable form.

Would agency and position (job) have a factor on the speed of the adjudication?

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Ohhh like empty pages for “list work” that spans 10 pages or something even though you’ve worked only 2 jobs in your life?

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The current SF86 does not have the blank spots. The concept was for you to provide additional information to help mitigate the issue and/or help the field investigate the listed issues quickly.

Unfortunately… this works when people are honest, thorough, and understand the process. As long as Subject’s continue to list all of their delinquent/collections accounts as one or two entries on the SF86 (instead of a separate entry for each - the delinquency and another for the collection agency) we still have to deal with the GIGO factor.


If you have to print and fill out there will be blank pages. That depends on the agency. If you have the correct PDF version you can fill and save the info and form, and then send electronically. I highly recommend that.Eventually most folks will finally get an electronic “Equip” like or succesor program to use on line. Eventually. Maybe. Ish.