What to expect for SOR?

I’m a current federal employee with DHS. I received an interim clearance and started work in my position, which required a secret clearance, earlier this year. I recently received a copy of my background check and due to some fairly outrageous lies by a previous employer I expect to get a statement of reasons. What can I expect when that hammer drops? Will I be escorted from the premises and placed on leave without pay, or will I be allowed to continue working pending the final adjudication of the case? I’m not particularly excited about what could potentially be months winding through this process.

I’m almost certain I will ultimately prevail - I have substantial documentation that disproves my employer’s statements - but my investigator didn’t bother to include it in the report he sent to my agency, so it looks like it’s just my word against theirs, and I’m not confident in those odds given the adjudicator’s obligation to decide against the applicant in the event of any doubt.

The answers depend on factors that we don’t have access to. You may keep your interim while the appeal is in process, you may be escorted from the building and you may be moved or limited to non-cleared work.

But, you have to remember that adjudicators see this type of thing all of the time. They can still request information from you or ask the investigator for more information or more notes. They may also, if the claims are truly “outrageous” recognize that what was said doesn’t match the rest of your file and clear you. It depends on what was said and how it fits into the overall report.

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