What will happen if you leave an entry on the sf85 form blank?

I was wondering what would happen if you leave an entry blank?

I may not have enough “People who know me well”, and if I only list one person, would that hurt my chances of getting a public trust clearance?

Everyone has plenty of people who know you well, even a hermit. List people whom you know well that know you well. Does the form ask for 3 people? Provide 3 people. It’s simple.

If you leave it blank, the PSU will likely send it back to you and ask you to complete that section.

Always provide complete information when filling out any SF questionnaire. If you don’t, then some people will assume you don’t want the job.

Or hiding something…

If you leave it blank they’re going to send it right back to you. List 3 people.

Is it an online form? I don’t think you can hit ‘send’ or ‘submit’ unless all the required fields are filled in.

For low risk Tier 1 investigations only two are required to submit it. Many times the inquiries mailed out don’t get returned anyways but they can still close the case without them. The person reviewing your e-Qip application will either accept it or reject it back to you.

And for the record, an SF85 is for low risk positions, not public trust.