Where can I do a security clearance Interview (Subject Interview ?)?


I would need to have a security clearance Interview (Subject Interview??) and want to know where I can usually meet an investigator for a security clearance Interview . Is it a kind of security clearance office at local area? Or can I decide the interview place like home according to a situation?


Subject interviews are conducted at your workplace or in a publicly accessible government building (library). They are not conducted in your home or a residence.

An investigator once contacted me to do an interview as a reference for a friend. She wanted to meet at a local café. I said no, we’ll get a conference room here where I work.

Seemed like a sandwich shop was not the best venue for this sort of thing.

In my experience, sources prefer places like coffee shops. Usually I’ll push for the workplace or their homes, but a significant amount of people don’t want an investigator coming to their workplace (understandable for a source)

Interesting… I work at a cleared defense contractor and we get investigators coming all the time. I thought maybe this investigator was new and had not been to our facility yet. We usually set them up with a conference room because they typically have more than one interview to complete.