Which SF-86 takes precedence

I am in the reserve where they started my clearance investigation.I got a job where my employer is a federal contractor.He said that military doesn’t provide an interim clearance that would prevent me from starting a job right away.He initiated another SF-86 for investigation.Now, which one takes precedence? Should I call my security officer and ask him to stop my investigation for military? or call dcsa ?

The one you most recently completed.

You only have one clearance from the same SF 86. The military doesn’t give Contractors anything but a servicing relationship and access based on the current investigation listed from DCSA. Contractor companies having owning relationships and are responsible for the investigation. If your company wants a another investigation, that’s their in their dime and it becomes the current one… you cannot call DCSA, at all. All you can do is speak to your Security Manager.

Tell the first investigator/agent. The double investigation will/should be reported and one will stop. Normally the higher (T3 vs T5) or the oldest investigation is continued.

My employer told me that an agent is assigned for my investigation. It is ambiguous because I don’t know for which investigation (my employer or unit).