Who has the final say over "suitability"?

Hypothetically (I am anticipating the worst as a pessimist):

The position is non-sensitive/low risk; security clearance: other; no mention of public trust.

Assume OPM rates me “not suitable,” but the Agency for which I was selected thinks otherwise. Can the agency overrule the OPM?

I am new to this process.

No. OPM isn’t involved any longer it is now DCSA and an Adjudicator from the Consilidated Adjudication Facility (CAF) makes the final determination.

It depends on the agency you work for. Some agencies do their own adjudication.

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It depends on the Agency. As Harpoon stated, many smaller agencies do their own adjudication.

The standards are the same. OPM determines the suitability standards while ODNI does the security standards (generally speaking).

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