Who's main investigator?

I submitted E-Quip to DoDCAF on June-11-2019 (secret level, tir 3)

Aug-2005~Dec-2010 : lived in college station, TX (school & job)
Jan-2011~Aug-2012 : lived in Fort Worth, TX (job)
Aug-2012~Aug-2016 : lived in Houston, TX (job, I stayed in California for two month)
Sep-2016~present : I’m near Atlanta, GA (job)

A-investigator interviewed(150 minute) me on July-30-2019 (Atlata, GA, asked eqip information)

B-investigator interviewed(20 minute) my friend(reference) on Aug-07-2019 (Houston, TX)

I think some investigators are looking into my background.
Each investigator submit an independent report?, or main investigator gather information and submit the final report?

Each one sends a report

There’s never just one investigator that will work your case; the logistics wouldn’t make sense utilizing a single investigator. And time, and money… etc.

FYI he’s aware there are multiple investigators. He’s asking if they submit individual reports or if there’s a “main” investigator who organizes all the investigation materials and submits once.

Nope every investigator submit they own reports

Your investigation is assigned out to various investigators in various locations and depends where you are now/where you’ve been in your life or where your ppl with knowledge of you are located… All work done regarding you is submitted from all investigators involved. At the end, all work is reviewed to determine your clearance. Do not attempt to reach out to any investigators for updates unless they contact you or direct you to provide more info.

One time I reached out for a status update and whoever answered the phone mentioned a “case manager” who was probably the person keeping track of everything. Or a virtual persona representing the giant excel spreadsheet with all the details of all the open cases :upside_down_face:

Also note that if you have lived and worked in several places, and they have to get several investigators involved, each one only does their piece and has no visibility into any other piece of the puzzle.

The simple, direct answer is that each investigator turns in a report on his/her portion of the investigation. They are not each “investigating” you and turning in a complete report.