Wife Imports Products from China Factory

If my wife runs a business where she buys products regularly from China to re-sell on the web,
is this considered “close and/or continuing contact” for me ? She may deal with the same individual but it’s just business transactions, not a personal relationship.

Buying over the internet doesn’t seem to meet the “close” part of “close and continuing”. Even they work by phone, I doubt it qualifies.

What if my wife e-mails an individual weekly at the factory in China to place the orders ?

Does the question mention spouse?

No . . . She’s not trading recipes or talking about the kids . . .

Guideline D . . . “sharing living quarters with a person or persons, regardless of citizenship status, if that relationship creates a heightened risk of foreign inducement, manipulation, pressure, or coercion”

So, IF his wife’s relationship with Chinese nationals was of a nature that it would be an issue, yes spouses count.