will I be emailed if I fail my clearance ?

I’m waiting on a Naci security clearance they already checked my credit on January 10th. On January 29tj someone got in touch with my HR and asked for my email address.I have not heard anything since then.
This is a security clearance for the VA.I have never been arrested .i was in the military for 8 years discharged with an honorable .

I do have bad credit including student loans in forbearance and one in default which I am currently making payments on as well as medical bills .I have 0 credit card debt no mortgage and no car payment.

If they are asking for my email address does this mean that there is an issue and I failed .Im worried about the one loan in default .If I failed would they send it through the mail or email

Perhaps you should do some research on what exactly your investigation is for and use the correct terminology. Go here to find some answers:https://www.clearancejobsblog.com/a-guide-to-position-designation-and-investigation-type/

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