Another chance at polygraph?

My polygraph examiner said I was “unsuccessful” in my polygraph. He said it now goes to a review board to decide if I get another chance at the polygraph or not, which could likely take 1-3 months.
Does anyone have experience with this or any other information?
Thank you for reading and for your time!

If this polygraph was for the CIA or NSA, note that with these agencies, applicants are routinely “flunked” and then offered one or more “re-tests” provided no disqualifying admissions have been made.

Was this for DHS? I’ve never heard this particular story from a polygrapher, and Ive never taken a poly with them. So I’m guessing it is some agency within DHS. :thinking:

It was with a 3 letter MD agency

What counts as disqualifying admissions? Thank you

Any admission that contradicts anything in your application packet would likely be disqualifying.