Antipolygraph . org

To what extent is even a casual visit to the ANTIPOLYGRAPH . ORG site likely to jeopardize a BI. According to some contributors on that site, even a single visit to it can be problematic. Supposedly, the website is closely monitored by IC Offices of Security.

Curiosity killed the cat. It can eat at you. Knowing the information is right there at your fingertips. One google search away. But who monitors google? Who has access to your searches? Commit a major crime and the press will speak to all your searches. Yep, even the naughty sites. And no clearing the browser history doesn’t remove this. You are free to randomly search or stumble across all the weird in the wired world. Reading so called tips on how to pass a polygraph, countermeasures…will cloud and clog your mind during the polygraph. Trust me they are not fun. For a reason. I suffered through 4 myself over the past 7 years. If asked questions regarding my searches I must admit I did stumble across a site on google, intrigued I read it. The end. I wouldn’t worry about much of anything one can stumble across on the world weird web. If one can think it, it is there. Today’s society will jump on the web and find stuff instantly. All part of the evolution of how information is processed. It is the same for those giving the polygraph.

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Go ahead and check it out, UNLESS you are thinking this is the way to prepare for a poly, then DONT! It will just freak you out. You wont find too many stories there from folks who passed a poly with little to no difficulty. You don’t want to psych yourself out needlessly. The whole process is nerve-wracking enough (but really not all that bad… I’ve survived a few now).

I fully believe that there are many flaws with the polygraph But it isnt just the box, its the box and the person asking the questions. Hopefully you get a good examiner.