BI Aggravations

I lost a contractor job in 2018 because the agency almost totally ignored regulations and made an arbitrary determination. The reasons they used were that I was let go from a temp call center job in 2016 because I fell 5% short of the metric, that I lost a 2013 job because of poor performance (totally ignoring the explanation that my supervisor made the job impossible) and a 2012 temp job for poor performance (again, ignoring details that I was forced to complete an impossible number of calls per day.) None of those have any connection to 5CFR 302.203 or other regulation on suitability or clearances.

The current Agency wants to call it a denial even though I have documents that clearly state “this is not a denial.” They also brought up my job losses despite repeated explanations, documents and even great letters of reference about my character and work ethic.

Can they deny a clearance for those reasons even though there was no misconduct or negligence in those jobs, and it was clearly NOT a denial in 2018?

Yet here you yourself call it a denial…

There is always 3 sides to every story. Your side, their side, and then the truth.

You appear to have a history of being let go/fired from jobs for poor performance or not meeting standards. I would not take a chance with you, especially with the amount of money getting a clearance costs.

You need to find a job that doesn’t require a clearance/public trust and build a work history.

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The determination in 2018 clearly showed that the agency had not read the investigator’s report which included a full and detailed explanation of what happened in each instance and clearly provided mitigating circumstances. Every coworker of mine in 2013 agreed that the supervisor was a bully and I provided evidence to the investigators that proves it. I’d like anyone else to try to complete the 140 calls per seven hour shift like I had to in 2012 or maintain a 92% call score with all of the requirements and details and with the rules changing every day.

That was written before I had a copy of the document specifically saying “this is not a denial.”

You got fired on three separate occasions for poor performance. That is absolutely reason for denial.

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Just because you THINK you provided good mitigation, does NOT mean other people will. You have a significant history of poor work performance. You need to change that.

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When it’s always “their” fault, it’s usually your fault, quite frankly. And that’s not even speaking for the clearance world; that’s just a life truth.

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Forget it. Just like the adjudicators, you don’t read or understand anything that’s been put right in front of you.

The more you add here, the more it shows that they absolutely made the right decision. Best of luck.


You gave nothing but an overview. A very one sided opinion. And your side will paint you in a good light. Just like the jobs you were fired from will give a very dark opinion of you. Somewhere in the middle is the truth.

Your track record indicates some of the blame is on you. Man up, find a job and build a work history.

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Agency personnel security components do not make arbitrary determinations. All determinations are made to PERSEC standards, criteria, and guidelines, based on the information an applicant/subject provides (or doesn’t provide).

As others have pointed out, your history of getting fired from jobs (regardless of your interpretation of the firings) is a risk an agency doesn’t want to take when they can vet someone else with a stable job history.

A security denial is not personal, so don’t take it that way. (Though it seems you have because you’re harping on an issue that is 3 years old.) You were a contractor, so you can’t fight the final decision.

Your best course of action is to build stable job history. Stick with one employer for at least 3 years and do the job well. Don’t make enemies unless you have to.

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It’s not a perfect system by any means, it’s run by imperfect humans. Can you appeal the decision? The appeal system is there for a reason.

omg, i am with you drew. i feel your pain, and know the frustration you’re getting from these people who, lets face it, are kind of obtuse and not critical thinkers to read into situations. I get how these contract firms operate and they all too often ruin workers’ careers by firing them for false reasons. but then people look at you like you’re the problem.

no they aren’t! you’re lying if you say that. there is never a 100% rate, geez people are you all this simple? of course there are bad seed contractor firms and bad seed govies out there who are abusing the system and the poor lil worker bee guy is the one who always is the fall guy. my gosh, have we not learned anything from the last 4 yrs?! agency personnel security components are just people, and people are flawed.