Can you be prosecuted for things you admit to?

I am a six year navy veteran and have had a secret clearance for the same length of time. I am out now and considering a career in cyber security, which I may need a TS/SCI for. However, I’m worried about admitting to drug use before and once during my enlistment. I denied drug use when I enlisted. So if I admit to these things now could they prosecute me for lying on my enlistment paperwork or my single use while in the service? Should I stay away from any job that may require an SCI? Its been several years now since I’ve used any drug. Is there a statue of limitations on this?

A clearance investigation isn’t a criminal investigation. Worst case, denial. You having nothing to lose. Be honest, disclose everything, answer the questions you’ll get asked by the Investigator and hope for the best.

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In general, yes, a person can be criminally prosecuted based on admissions made in the course of a background investigation. While it is unlikely that admitting your one-time drug use during your enlistment would result in a criminal prosecution, it’s entirely possible that it will result in a security clearance denial.

Yes, you CAN be prosecuted but you this is not likely. The trouble that you are most likely to run into is the fact that you falsely enlisted and then used drugs while you were cleared.

These will be major hurdles.

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