Cannabis usage/ Clearance

Hello All,

Looking for some advice here for someone new to the govt contracting/ security clearance world.

I recently decided I’m ready for a career change, and intelligence work has always interested me. After applying for a position with a contractor, I (surprisingly) am now at the next juncture, where I’ve been asked for pre-screening information to start processing for a ts/sci with full scope poly.

As much as I would love to proceed, I have major concerns about the security process.

I rarely drink, have excellent work history and references, a completely clean background and seemingly boring life except for the fact that I use cannabis tincture to manage anxiety and insomnia. I grew up with a bipolar mom and no dad, and no siblings to help with my mom, so anxiety has been a large part of my life, even into adulthood.

The first time I tried cannabis was in my second year of college - previous to that I never did anything/ didn’t event drink in high school, and didn’t use cannabis regularly until about six years ago (2014). It is decriminalized where I live but I understand the federal law is what stands here. I literally add tincture to my tea at home- that’s the extend of my use.

My question is- should I even try to go forward with this process? I’m worried that being denied will hurt my future chances of this line of work and perhaps it’s just better to decline this opportunity now, stop, wait for a year or so (or more?) and then apply.

Should I just drop out of the process? Should I share this (trust) the recruiter for advice?

Please advise, thank you all in advance for your help.

Cant really give you an answer but I wanted to point out that they stress to all cleared individuals NOT to use any CBD products. They say that they main contain small amounts of THC but I also suspect that the drug testing is not capable of detecting the difference :roll_eyes:

If you do the pre-screening with the potential employer and they reject you, that information will not get sent to the government. And if they should reject you, that does not necessarily mean you couldn’t get cleared, it may just mean that they do not want to take the chance or wait an awfully long time.

Dont ask the recruiter. Just fill out the pre-screening and see what happens. That’s my two cents.

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Agreed. Never ask a recruiter any questions relating to the security process. They are clueless.

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Thanks, Harpoon, I appreciate your reply.

Thank you, sbusquirrel, for your input. It’s much appreciated.

If you are willing to stop using indefinitely in order to proceed with employment, then do so and share that fact during the process. It can’t hurt.

The position eventually shifts in the fed system. Normally they want 12 months no use from date of signing certifying sf86. If older than 24 they may want a longer period. I recommend getting a legal RX for something to wean you from cannabis and be honest on screening. As more states legalize more will use. The feds will need come around a bit IMHO.

Hi Amberbunny, thanks so much for your input.

Here’s another question for the group - if I also recently lived with someone who has an active clearance, will what I put on my application/ discuss in my interview affect them and their clearance?

To me, it wouldn’t be worth jeopardizing someone else’s job for this opportunity.

Thanks again!

If you are in a romantic relationship, yes you are required to list them. If it is just a roomate/housemate to share expenses you need not list them.

If in your BI you speak to using MJ with a cleared person…yes it can impact them.

Don’t mention the drug usage