Chance of Clearance

Would like insight for this dilemma!

I’m a Junior undergrad with an internship at a big consulting firm lined up in their Federal consulting program this upcoming summer. The position will likely require a security clearance and I’ve had concerns about my eligibility to get the clearance and, as such, my eligibility to stay in the internship program. I’ve pretty much quit smoking pot back in May 2017 (really only done it 15-17 separate times throughout the course of my first two years of college), but took a sip of cannabis infused coka cola in October 2017.

If I were to send my SF86 in June of 2018, it would be just over 7 months after that incident occurred. What is the likelihood of my clearance being accepted? I’m pretty remorseful about doing what I did in October and have zero intentions of messing with drugs in the future.

If you admit to recent drug use (october 2017)… depending on the agency… you’ll likely get an SOR or pre screened out.

Pre-screened out of the project or the internship as a whole?

Does the internship require any kind of clearance?

I would hope they would keep this information confidential.

Anyway, where I work, we love interns and co-ops. They’re cheap, very enthusiastic, and some of them are scary smart. So I imagine you can hang on to the internship.

The job listing has a requirement of “US Citizenship and Ability to obtain a security clearance” and I took that as being legally capable to aqcuire one (US Citizen). Has there ever been an instance where interns are required to start the SF86 before they start their internship?

So you are not a US Citizen, you smoke MJ 15 to 17 times as an undergrad and last month tried some other form of cannabis? The SF86 will go back 7 to 10 years. Normally MJ use must be at least 12 months behind you. If you are of college age you get a wide window on recreational use. But stick to the 12 months no cannabis thought. Simply stop, no more. Remove people from your life who use, stop going to places where you would feel like using. You will need really get the citizenship thing worked out first and as a much bigger hurdle than college MJ use.

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Sorry for the confusion; I do have a citizenship. I was just explaining my interpretation of the job requirement of the ability to obtain a clearance. Thanks for your insight on the ‘MJ’, though,

I’m tracking. My experience tells me you have a fair shot at clearing if there are no other issues. They may require you to sign a conduct letter based on the MJ use. Don’t hide it, make sure you report it all even the Cannabis coke. That said, if you can somehow hold off a few more months and apply in October…I believe you have a better than fair chance of clearing. My current client is ironclad on 12 months no use. Even incidental. Treat it as a chance to prove your trustworthiness and that means do not lie. If it was slipped to you say so. If you knowingly and willingly drank the coke…say so. Was it a taste, half a can or did you drink 2 liters? Honesty is the be all end all. Even if it means waiting a few short months. A good security manager or FSO will understand you need a few months to mitigate an issue. Bluntly ask the FSO about mitigation experience and standards. I routinely wait to allow entry level prospective employees get to the 12 month mark. Mind you these are age 18 to 24. I find the older you are the longer they want you to wait.