Clearance Favorably Adjudicated/Suitability Denied

I confirmed that the security division for the Agency favorably adjudicated the clearance. I thought I was in the clear. After that favorable adjudication, the Department over the agency denied suitability because of late tax filings from years prior (all long since filed and paid). So, no security concern, but the existence of the late filings within the 7 year window led to a suitability denial. I was floored by the determination given the favorable TS/SCI with FS poly adjudication. But, I take responsibility for the late filings, so I have no one to blame but myself. My question is this:

Do I -

(a) have a security clearance
(b) have eligibility for a security clearance
(c) have neither one

I would like to know if during the application process I can represent to a different employer that I have been favorably adjudicated for the clearance.

Thank you for any insight.

From my own experience: I was favorably adjudicated for a TS, but never actually get to the step to go through security processing (aka get read on). My investigation never made it to Scattered Castle, there is nothing there under my ssn, so it’s like it never happened. I had to reapply to a different branch of the gov and start investigation from scratch.

Wow, that is unfortunate for you and for Uncle Sam. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am reading and hearing the opposite, so that is why I asked this group.

For example, this article indicates that even if not processed or read on, once the clearance is granted, it is there and can be used to compete for other jobs:

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Well it is certainly possible that some other agency or a contractor (more likely a contractor I would think) could pick up that clearance or at least the investigation, but that depends on a number of factors: would the agency that did the clearance be willing to share the information? Would the potential new employer be willing and capable to reach out to that agency and work things out? How long would it take to get the info transferred? Would the new employer require their own adjudication? There’s a lot of factors that kinda stack up against you.

If you have a date that the investigation was completed you could put a statement on your resume to the effect that you are eligible for access to TS/SCI based on a background investigation completed on dd/mm/yyyy. That could open the door to a conversation with a potential employer.

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And thanks for sharing that article. I found it interesting that an IG criticized the State Dept for putting “alternate” candidates in for security clearances, resulting in the waste of lots of money. But other agencies definitely pursue this strategy, including one which we shall not mention which issues conditional job offers, investigates, then puts the people who get cleared into a hiring pool that candidates may or may not ever get out of (that is, get a final job offer). Another agency-not-to-be-named seems to make several offers for a position and hire the first one who clears. Maybe the other candidates end up getting an offer or maybe they don’t.

Thank you for the insightful response. Your points make good sense. I have a couple emails from my POC confirming the favorable adjudication, but I do not have a specific date. Is the specific date critical in your opinion? I know month and year, but not day. Thanks again.

When you see people saying they are on their third or fourth year of BI, I can’t help but conclude that this is the reason why. It is not like the investigating agencies tell the applicants “hey, you’ve been cleared, but there is another candidate who came along and we like them better right now, so you’re being moved to the back of the line.” So, they put the first candidate in a holding pattern until they need them. That is what makes sense to me anyway.