"Common interests" social media foreign contacts when citizenship either unknown or requires digging in tenuous relationship

I have a total of about 400 social media foreign contacts that fall under “common interests,” which I used to think means close financial or professional ties, but now am being told would also include hobbies and passions. The rub is

a. Their names, citizenship and/or location would either require additional digging on my part, and even then would still be unknown in most cases

b. I feel like my further investigating their location and citizenship would distort the picture, as I had such a tenuous relationship with them that was unknown to me. (I recall reading one article where an overzealous investigator who forced an applicant to look up the location information of contacts on Facebook was taken off the job. )

I know this issue comes up a lot and have read the responses here, but I am still at a loss. I can just file hundreds of SF-86 profile shells, but they have told me they needed at a minimum citizenship, location and names. What am I supposed to do for the cases all three are unknown (as in the case of alias-only platforms?)

Thank you very much for your help!

Only you can decide whether they meet the qualifications of being listed, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say if you don’t know their name, they are not a close and/or continuing contact.


Many individuals (Subjects) are specifically not to dig and not to query these foreign individuals for this information. Are they really close contacts? with affection? Only you can decide.

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One of the questions we’d ask back in the day, though this may be different now as social media is almost a way of life is, if that person died, would you go to their funeral or visit them in the hospital if very sick. That kind of separates close/continuous relationship and the daily FB or IG messages.