DCSA provides "Continuous Vetting" update

Check out this article at Federal News Network about the latest on “Continuous Vetting” (or CV) from the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA).

What I found particularly interesting was this bit about what categories of information are currently in CV, and what is being added:

DCSA’s continuous vetting system hit the “1.25” milestone last fall when the DoD cleared population was fully enrolled. But the system at that time was limited to three data categories: criminal activities, terrorism, and eligibility.

The agency is now adding alerts about suspicious financial activity, foreign travel, credit history and “public record information” to the continuous vetting system on the way to the “Trusted Workforce 1.5” milestone this fall

I thought financial records were already included but evidently not.

The article also says that two million DoD personnel have been enrolled and another 50,000 from non-DoD agencies.

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This is a bit surprising, though what exactly is meant by “eligibility”?

That’s a good question. I didn’t notice that when I read the article.