DOE Contractor with Multiple SSNs and Names Denied Clearance Eligibility

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There are some security clearance appeals where you just gotta shake your head and wonder “what was this person thinking trying to apply for a cleared position?”. This particular Department of Energy (DOE) contractor appeal case is one of those. It goes to show that there are some people out there that just don’t have…

Wow! But I’ve heard of plenty of people like this and worse getting cleared. Glad they caught this one. Can you imagine this guy having access to highly sensitive info?

It certainly looks like this one made no effort to correct the behavior. I have seen people, though, with major drug history (including prison time) be granted a clearance because 1) they were honest and 2) they turned their life around. I think that is the main difference here. This person made no effort to be honest and also seems to have made no effort to correct the behavior.