Clearance Denials

I have been an investigator for over 8 years. Where would one read about adjudication cases and the reason peoples’ clearances were denied? Anyone have a link? I see multiple people reference this on this site… I’ll accept defeat and even a good roasting if I’m an investigator and the answer to my question is somewhere on this very site. :joy:
I found this case particularly brutal, to the adjudicator, not the person appealing. Pretty messed up.

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

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Enjoy! Lots of cases remanded this year so far.

Keep in mind that the cases published on that site are only for industry applicants… no government civil services or uniformed military cases are included.

Probably not a huge difference in the overall trends of decisions, but something worth pointing out.

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Oh yeah, for sure. Do they have non public hearings?

I found out recently there’s a DoE hearing and appeals page too, but I don’t have the link to it.

What shocks me is not the denials, it’s the approvals. Some of the applicants seem like they are without a doubt career criminals (maybe I’m missing something) yet they’re getting favorably adjudicated and being trusted with some of our most critical secrets. Maybe I’m being dense, but it’s hard to believe some of these cases that are getting approved.

I try not to focus on those too much but yeah, against a case with a mental health history and no record, those “career” cases do seem to get cleared much, much faster.