Successful Clearance Appealed by DOHA


March 19: SF submitted
July 19: BI completed
December 19: Adjudication moves to DOHA
April 20: SOR
October 20: FORM
March 21: Favorable Decision by Judge
April 21: Letter from DOHA Appeal Board that they’re appealing the decision.

Does anyone know whether this will impact my presence in whatever iteration of JPAS/DISS they’re using now?
Also, is it common for DOHA to try and undo the rulings of its own Administrative Judges?
Can I work in the meantime?
I just want to get to my job.

Thanks to everyone in advance for reading and any input you can provide.

Not sure if anyone responded to this by private message, but as long it is in appeals status, I would imagine you do not have a current clearance.

It is very common for DOHA to appeal, and unfortunately, they have a much higher success rate at appeals compared to applicants/current clearance holders do of appealing a denial/revocation.

Probably a good idea to call a security clearance lawyer (such as myself or many of the other names that are well-known in the DC area) to discuss the specific issues that might be a problem.