Does internet history get checked during security clearance investigation?

Hi, I have questions regarding the investigation part.
I recently accepted a Background Investigator position
and was told I would need a security clearance. I thinks its
Tier 5 but im not sure. For this level,
how far back will they investigate? and what avenues
do they use to do their investigation? do they have access
to looking into things like text messages, emails, internet history or
like access to my icloud? or laptop or phone hard drive? Social media?
I also recently passed a level 2 background check, is it similar? do they have access
to medical information or history?

I think there is only speculation that they will use social media soon, they already do possibly. I don’t think stuff of this nature can fall into scope for the investigation.

Try this first:
Clearancejogsblog: Guide to Completing the New SF-86

Also, google for the SF-86 and read the questions. They clearly state the time each question applies to. They vary from 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, or EVER.

Regarding whether the investigator will have access to your internet activities, it’s unclear to what degree they will. They’ve asserted they will want to review your public internet activities like facebook, other social media, etc. They may ask you to provide your account usernames so they can search. It’s unlikely they’ll have access to your emails. They’ve made statements they do not intend to ask for your passwords.

They will have “access” to your medical records if you indicate you’ve sought mental health services. In practice all they do is ask the doctor whether your mental health condition makes you a risk to national security and whether you comply with the treatment plan, if there is one.

They certainly CAN check social media since it’s public record. They have no way to access your texts or your emails . . . Well, they DO have a way but it will not be used for this purpose.

Generally, investigations go back seven years for your work and residence history and they will want to know about ANY former spouse.

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Agreed. I think something was passed in 2016 where they WILL go on Social Media.

The Director of National Intelligence issued Security Directive #5 in May 2016 which addresses the use of publicly available social media information for use in background investigations. It allows agencies to review, collect, and retain any information from social media sites about an person under investigation. Like most things, it has to be corroborated by other sources.

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Can applicants be required to submit passwords used for accessing such sites?

Not yet :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was talking to someone who recently had a subject interview for a periodic update, and they were asked about social media activity. This person claimed to have no social media presence except the occasional Yelp review and some kind of hobby forum (and I have no reason to doubt that). I wonder what they’d do with someone with every imaginable social media account.