Failure to report alias

Had a clearance now for over 20 yrs and recently completed my PR with the investigator. Had something come up that Ive never experienced and its been stressing me out thinking about it.

The Investigator asks me what my name is, I give him my full name. He asks if I any other names or aliases I have ever gone by. I tell him no.

He then gets very serious and says what if I told you during an interview someone said they have called you “Rob”. I said well yeah, its short for Robert. He seemed very disturbed this wasnt reported. I told him I wasnt hiding anything, and he labeled it as a oversight.

Ive had 5 PRs in the past and never had this happen. Is this normal?

Yeah no biggie. Just something that needed to be formally addressed.

This sounds like an overzealous investigator. I’ve been interviewed by many many agencies and nobody ever asked me if I go by “SBU” instead of “SBUSquirrel.”

Actually my real name is Ziglveit and I get real ornery when people call me Zig or Ziggy :grin:

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Probably not overzealous. Just following procedure.

Something something bureaucracy.

You normally don’t have to report alias/nicknames that are common with your name. You investigator was being very thorough and probably following his company’s guidelines for ESI interviews.

Rob for Robert will not delay your investigation processing. Now, if your last name was different, or you went by “Bobo” — that is different.

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She said “Ziggy,” lol. I would think commonly accept nicknames and shorter versions is understood. Now if he finds records under Bob XXXX as opposed to Robert XXXX and it is you…then you have a problem. I still recall a moment from 6th grade when a substitute teacher called role. The current “bully tough kid” of the day was Richard. She called his name and then publicly asked if he went by “Dick.” Hilarious to 6th grade boys. He did not find this funny. But often went by RIchard, Richie, etc.

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